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We are experts in trade secrets, here to empower your innovations, to guide you from developing to protecting and valorizing your important trade secrets and intellectual property.

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Our vision on trade secrets

The importance of expertise
At GEVERS, our dedicated trade secrets experts possess all required technical and legal capabilities to offer you a complete trade secret management service. As a onestopshop, we are your partner for training, identification and management process and all necessary steps to secure trade secrets in your company.
An innovative approach to trade secrets
By empowering innovations – for our clients and ourselves – we have created new processes and tools dedicated to trade secret management. That way we empower you to maximize the value of your trade secrets to their fullest potential.
We go further
We are eager to achieve the best results for our clients, which is why we go further than simply executing IP protection services. We immerse ourselves in understanding your business and competitive landscape, thus enhancing your protection by all available IP tools, including trade secrets.
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We protect your innovations

In a business landscape driven by innovation and transformation, trade secrets can be the cornerstone for safeguarding your company’s distinctiveness. A trade secret includes any technical know-how or business information that is not in the public domain, has commercial value due to its secrecy and is diligently protected to maintain its confidential.

Trade secrets can be protected indefinitely if they remain undisclosed. However, if they become public, they lose enforceability unless promptly patented (which offers 20 years of protection) or if the disclosure results from misappropriation. Whatever step you want to take, partnering with GEVERS ensures you that your trade secrets and intellectual property are comprehensively protected and remain so.

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