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We are experts in the field of IP for designs, here to empower your innovations, here to guide you from developing to protecting and valorizing your designs.

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Our vision on designs

We know your field
Our experts are not only at home in the world of trademarks and designs but can also count on our experience in design-drives industries – yes, including yours. Their rich experience is the perfect foundation to empower your designs, to empower your innovations.
We truly believe in design protection
Protecting your design is not only an asset but also a strategic tool, essential for your business success. We recognize its pivotal role, either on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other forms of protection. And therefore, go the extra mile in protecting your designs.
We excel in collaborations
Our interdisciplinary team of patent, trademark & design attorneys embodies the spirit of collaboration. They ensure that the full spectrum of benefits of design protection is both highlighted and seamlessly integrated, safeguarding and enhancing your innovations.
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We protect your innovations

Beginning with a thorough grasp of your design project and commercial aspirations, our journey together is rooted in a deep understanding of your vision. We meticulously evaluate your design within the scope of its business context, offering tailored assistance in crafting representations that ensure your design registration encompasses the broadest protection possible.

In collaboration with your marketing team, whether in-house or external, we explore the spectrum of opportunities, navigating you through every stage of the design life cycle. Our design experts advise you on crucial aspects such as novelty and individual character, strategically preparing your application for success. We stand as your staunch defenders before IP offices, always considering your designs within their commercial landscape, ensuring your creative achievements are fully recognized and protected.

We are ready to empower your innovations. How about you?

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