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How to optimise the financial value of my intellectual property?

By selling a patent or giving a license to use other protected innovations (like designs, trademarks, domain names or copyrights) in return for royalties owners can extract financial value from their intellectual property rights through partnerships with third parties. 

By focusing on the core business it might happen that registered rights are not or only partly exploited, that is where they need to find the right partners to sell or license the rights. 

Next to this specific tax regimes are applicable to royalties an owner of patents, designs, trademarks, … can receive for the license or transfer of his right. These regimes differ from country to country. 

GEVERS is proud to offer professional valorization services for optimising the financial value of intellectual property, combining in-house expertise with partnerships with renowned experts in the fields. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Valorizing and finding potential partners 
  • From active prospection to negotiation 
  • Advising on licensing and transfer taxation 

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