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We are experts in the field of copyrights, here to empower your innovations, here to guide you from developing to protecting and valorizing your copyrights.

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Our vision on copyright

We know your sector
Our journey has taken us through the vibrant world of the arts and beyond, giving is a deep understanding of copyright impacts. We pride ourselves on working with business at the heart of copyright, such as record companies, publishers, advertising agencies, authors, and fashion designers. Next to that, we also provide insightful advice on copyright’s influence in the tech sphere.
We put efficiency first
We will always offer you efficient and pragmatic solutions, tailored to your unique opportunities and challenges. When doing so, we never lose sight of your business’ priorities and budgetary constraints. Because here at GEVERS, practicality meets precision.
Clarity is key in every step
The world of IP and copyright might be complex, and that is why we are here for you. We cut through the complexity, giving you advice that is not only valuable but also understandable. Regardless of the complexity of your case, our guidance remains straightforward.
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We protect your innovations

Unlock the full potential of your creative outputs with copyright, the intellectual property rights that shield your original works and empower your innovation. In order to do so, we delve deep into your business activities to unveil the possible impact of copyright on them, both in terms of opportunities and risks. We identify relevant copyrights within your organization and craft tailored strategies to secure these invaluable assets.

But our support doesn’t end there. We proactively identify potential threats from third-party copyrights, developing a risk containment strategy to shield your organization. We draft guidelines to internally enhance the efficiency of copyright management processes, from identification to monetization, ensuring your creative and intellectual investments achieve their maximum potential. Welcome to a partnership where your innovation is protected, promoted, and prioritized. Where your innovation is empowered.

We are ready to empower your innovations. How about you?

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