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How to protect your copyrights?  

Copyrights are created as soon as the original work is fixed into a tangible medium expression. But how to protect your copyrights?

There is no formal requirement to register your copyright to protect it. However, we recommend obtaining a digital timestamp to prove your copyright ownership and avoid discussions. In some countries registration of copyrights is required to legally enforce them against infringements by third parties. 

In principle, copyrights are owned by the author of the original work. Ownership may be transferred in part, but the formalities depend on the relationship between the author and the party acquiring the copyrights (e.g. employment vs. work for hire), as well as the type of work (database vs. software). The rules differ from country to country.  In view of this, organisations must ensure that all copyright protected works that are developed on their behalf are duly transferred to them. They are therefore advised to establish internal protection guidelines on how to protect copyrights. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Fixing the creation date.  
  • Advise you on the registration of copyrights 
  • Assist you with the drafting of I-depots/Enveloppes Soleau 
  • Draft copyright transfer agreements 

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