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Does the law provide a favorable tax treatment for my copyrights? 

Specific tax regimes apply to the royalties an author may receive for the license or transfer of his copyrights. These regimes are different in every country. Tax regimes are relevant for artistic creations but can also be applied to more business-oriented contexts, such as marketing and software creations. 

The identification of copyright-relevant activities and the calculation of royalties benefiting from a favorable tax treatment for copyrights depends on the specific situation of every author. Users can also apply for a tax ruling from the local tax authorities on the application of the system to their activities. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Audit of your activities in view of tax optimization 
  • Advise you on copyright taxation 
  • Preparation of documents for tax purposes 
  • Drafting of tax rulings 
  • Collaboration with your accountant 

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