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What is a design?

A design right is an Intellectual Property right that protects the overall impression of a product or parts of a product, on the condition that these elements are new and have individual character. 

This can be applied to a wide variety of products, including packaging, fashion items, industrial tools and even logos. Protection of these creations may consist of 3D ‘design/shape’ features or 2D ‘drawing/pattern’ features. Implementation-specific elements fall out of the scope of protection. Also, technology-specific details are excluded from it. 

A design right grants the owner the right to prevent third parties from making, selling or importing any products incorporating the protected design or one conveying the same overall impression. 

A design made public in Europe can claim some protection, but only for a short period. Only after its registration, it is fully protected for a maximum term of 25 (provided it is renewed every 5 years). 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Advise on novelty and individual character 
  • Strategic application preparation 
  • Defend your registrations before IP offices 
  • Analysis in a commercial context 

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