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How to detect the best design protection opportunities?

While in certain jurisdictions Designs can benefit protection for a limited amount of time even if unregistered, it is strongly advised to proceed with registration of Designs with the relevant Offices: registered design rights provide defined protection rights in most countries worldwide. So, how can you detect the best design protection opportunities for your specific case?

Due to the novelty requirement of design protection, it is crucial to timely involve a design professional for an optimal design protection strategy. 

We strongly believe that a design protection strategy can make an important difference for product centered industries. 

We assist our clients in detecting Design protection opportunities and proactively helping them to maximize the scope of protection and make strategic filing choices. 

GEVERS perform an audit of your product portfolio and identify relevant products for design protection in view of the market and your commercial strategy. 

GEVERS also perform landscaping audits to better understand the position of competitors and other players on the market. Such audits help identifying risks and opportunities for your own commercial strategy. 

Knowledge of the design corpus is key to identify. GEVERS advise on the possible scope of protection of your designs. We can perform dedicated searches in order to better project the design corpus. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Audit of product portfolio 
  • Identification of relevant designs 
  • Landscaping reports 
  • Design corpus searches 

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