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Has a similar design been filed by another party?

Despite the innovative characteristics of your product, there may be earlier products or shapes on the market which are protected and which may jeopardize the commercialization of your new product incorporating a new design. Which is why it is important to know if a similar design has been filed by third parties.

In order to find out whether third parties file or plan to use similar designs, watch services are to be set-up to continuously be informed about competitors Design, Trade Mark and Patent filing activities. 

Our services range from landscaping exercises to setting up internal guidelines and other tools and performing dedicated watch services. We are fully set up to take the appropriate actions against third party design registrations, including invalidity actions before the Offices. 

We can rely on a dedicated group of in-house information specialists and fully customize our services to our client’s needs. 

Depending on your needs, we set up regular review meetings, which can be coupled to landscaping reports. 

In order to clear such concerns as much as possible, you may consider certain actions as part of your commercialization strategy. 

We aim at proactively assisting our clients with the identification of relevant third party design rights, copyrights, patent rights and trademark rights which all may have an impact on the freedom to operate with the product. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Watches for every similar design filed by other parties
  • Freedom to operate searches 
  • Invalidity procedures before IP offices 

Empower your
IP knowledge

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