Meet Raf Caers

European and Belgian Patent Attorney

+32 3 206 99 84

Dutch, English, French


Raf is specialized in European and Belgian patent law and practice, with a particular focus on food and chemistry-related patent matters. He has experience in industrial organic and inorganic chemicals and in related techniques such as chemistry and thermodynamics. He has built up over 30 years of technical and business experience in industry, primarily with the chemical branch of the largest private oil producing company in the world. Raf himself is named as an inventor on almost 50 patent families. Raf advises on the patentability of inventions, patent procurement strategies, patent infringement and enforcement, patent validity, technology, and patent-related agreements. He defends cases in patent prosecution, opposition proceedings, patent infringement and nullity actions. Raf is an expert on invention mining. His clients include national and international corporations. Raf handles cases in English and Dutch and is sufficiently proficient in French and German to handle texts written in those languages. He also advises French-speaking inventors. Raf is a member of The European Patent Institute (epi), KViV, UiLv and has been tutoring on European Patent Law and Practice, within the framework of epi and CEIPI. He has also published articles about technical and business subjects.


  • Master in Chemical Engineering, University of Leuven (Belgium), 1974
  • Ms.Eng. in Industrial Management, University of Leuven (Belgium), 1977


  • Belgian Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney

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