Meet Fabien Tsin

Patent Engineer

PhD - Physical Chemistry

+33 1 78 94 04 73

English, French


Fabien has a Master Degree of Chemistry, chemistry engineering specialty, from Pierre and Marie Curie University of Paris. He has pursued his training as PhD. Student in an Electricity of France laboratory. Fabien’s researches were focused on the development of electrodeposition process for solar thin-film materials. In other words, he used to study various thematic such as electrochemistry, process, material science, solar technologies. Fabien continued as postdoctoral researcher before joining Gevers as Patent Engineer. He work on different files belonging to mechanical field, material science, process or optical field. He is curious and interested into various technical fields.


  • Master’s Degree in Chemistry specializing in chemical engineering, Pierre and Marie Curie University,Paris VI.(2012)
  • PhD in Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry from the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris VI.(2016)


  • Photo-assisted electrodeposition of a ZnO front contact on a p/n junction, Electrochimica Acta 1 décembre 2016
  • Perchlorate-Induced Doping of Electrodeposited ZnO Films for Optoelectronic Applications, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 10 août 2016
  • Electrodeposited zinc grid as low-cost solar cell front contact, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications août 2016
  • Influence of a Boron Precursor on the Growth and Optoelectronic Properties of Electrodeposited Zinc Oxide Thin Film, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 25 avril 2016
  • Electrodeposition of ZnO window layer for an all-atmospheric fabrication process of chalcogenide solar cell, Scientific Reports 10 mars 2015

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