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Protect your name on the internet

Why register a domain name ?

If you wish to promote your activity online and want to increase the visibility of your company, we recommend you to register domain names for your main website. They can for example correspond to your commercial name or the description of your activity/your products.

Are you about to launch a new product on the market ?

Think about registering a domain name which you can use for a website, devoted to that product. It is, however, not necessary to create a specific website. You could simply redirect this domain name to your main website, or a section of that site.

Are you present in several countries ?

Different national extensions are available and could increase your presence in search results. E.g. for a Benelux trademark, you could opt to register domain names, identical to your trademark, with the extensions .be, .nl, .lu, but also .eu and/or .com.

Finally, your domain name registrations could have a defensive goal. Once domain names are registered, they cannot be registered by third parties anymore, for potentially illegal use. There are plenty of choices…. We help you in finding the available domain names which suit your activity best amongst the different generic (.com, .net, .org), national (.be, .nl, .eu, …) and other extensions (.group, .brussels, .news, .shop, …).

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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