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Is my trademark still available?

Want to check if a trademark is still available? Before filing any sign as a trademark, GEVERS strongly advises conducting an availability search through its specialized databases. A search will detect obstruction risks from prior rights for similar or identical signs and avoid that you put time or money into signs already protected. Using the appropriate searching strategy, our trademark specialists evaluate these risks and provide corresponding opinions and advice 

We identify earlier rights on commercial signs, including trademarks, trade and company names even domain names and social media and analyze their risks. 

We assess the similarity between your mark and the other conflicting sign, as well as the similarity of the concerned products and services, taking into account the effective use of the proposed mark. 

GEVERS provides a clear overview of possible risks and allocates a risk level, as well as specific advice on how to mitigate any risks. 

We also conduct in-depth use investigations anywhere in the world, in order to further determine the risks of certain earlier rights. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • In-depth investigations on the availability 
  • Clear reports with risk levels 
  • Review of use requirements 
  • Advice on mitigation of risks 

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