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Is my invention patentable?

Need to know if your invention is patentable? We can assist you in identifying potentially patentable inventions within your business via our personalized Invention Mining services. 

From the moment a potential invention is identified, it is of utmost importance that the subject matter related to the invention is not made available to the public by means of a written or oral description, by use, or in any other way. Indeed, when discussing the potential invention with other parties, for example, investors, confidentiality agreements (so-called NDA agreements) between the parties involved are therefore highly recommended. 

In order to verify whether an invention meets the substantive requirements of patentability (e.g. novelty and inventive step), it is highly recommended to perform a patentability search for revealing relevant state of the art. 

We will help you to translate your technical solution to a certain technical problem into an enforceable and valuable IP asset. 

An opinion regarding the patentability of an invention should ideally be preceded by an examination of the invention in its technical and commercial development contexts in order to optimize the exclusivity potential. 

We will help you to define the broadest technical scope of your invention. 

When drafting a patent application, it is highly recommended that you are assisted by an experienced patent attorney, to ensure that you are offered the broadest scope of protection possible in view of the known state of the art, and to reduce the risk of encountering potential problems during the patent granting procedure. 

We will help you to identify competitors in the field and the best strategy to operate. 

In order to verify whether an invention may be commercially exploited without competitors being able to stop you from such an exploitation, it is highly recommended to first perform a freedom-to-operate analysis for revealing relevant patent rights of third parties which may be in force in territories in which you intend to operate. Consequently, the existence of enforceable patent rights of third parties may have a significant impact on your freedom to operate. 

Additionally, patent data can be valuable to better understand the patent situation for a specific technology. For more information, please see patent data. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Invention mining 
  • Declaration of invention  
  • Decision tree 
  • Prior art search/freedom to operate search 
  • Patentability opinion/freedom to operate opinion 
  • Patent data reports 

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