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Is my domain name still available?

The availability of a domain name is situated on the Top Level only, which means that for 1 single name there can be as many domain names available as there are Top Level domains: 

A domain name is composed of a name (for example: “gevers” in and a Top Level Domain (TLD) extension (example: “.eu” in The TLD can either refer to geographical (.BE, .NL, .LU, .FR, .CN …), regional (.EU, .ASIA) or generic criteria (.COM for commerce, .NET for Internet services, .BIZ for business, .ORG for organizations …). 

GEVERS strongly advises clients to conduct availability searches through its specialized databases to detect obstruction risks to client business plans from prior rights. GEVERS will easily ascertain that your name intended to be registered is available. It is also necessary to fit the name into a global strategy and align it with the brands intended to be launched. 

GEVERS checks if an obstructing name is in actual use and in good faith. One filed in bad faith (i.e., for purely mercantile ends) may be recovered in certain conditions by an arbitration procedure. GEVERS is well accustomed to such procedures. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Investigation on availability 
  • Clear reports with risk levels 
  • Search for alternatives 
  • Advice on portfolios 

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