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How to protect my trademark?

What do trademarks and diamonds have in common? They both last forever! But how to protect your trademark?

A trademark can only be legally protected via a registration procedure in local or regional trademark registers. The first filing date of a trademark is key since it sets the start of the applicants monopoly and can provide a worldwide priority right during 6 months. 

GEVERS handles all administrative steps and procedures to register and protect your trademark rights. Following an initial strategy discussion and possibly availability searches, we execute the delicate and determinant step of filing, anywhere in the world. 

We take care of the day-to-day management of your trademark portfolio, including any changes within your organization or the recordal of transfers, licenses or any collaterals. 

We also handle your trademark renewals. Renewal fees must be paid in due time in all relevant countries. GEVERS keeps track on the renewal dates and handles all renewal fee administration for your entire portfolio to eliminate any risks of losing rights. 

We ensure that all administrative aspects are managed in an efficient and transparent way. 

Our new, cutting-edge, interactive Global Client Portal allows clients to consult their portfolio in real time, and to execute portfolio management decisions in direct connection with GEVERS teams. 

We can perform audit services and examine your IP portfolio from an administrative and strategic perspective to ensure adequacy between your IP rights and your business structure and objectives. Such a process implies close dialogue between GEVERS and its clients to ensure accurate knowledge of the client’s strategy and awareness of economic and operational factors. 

As long as the trademark is in use it can be renewed indefinitely (mostly every 10 years). 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Filing and renewal strategy 
  • Cost effective approach 
  • Audit before renewals to optimize strategy 

Empower your
IP knowledge

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