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Has a similar trademark been filed by another party?

Watching or monitoring the trademark registers is very important to check whether a similar trademark has been filed by another party. Why? Well, most European register do not warn owners of prior rights when a third party tries to file a similar or even identical trademark. 

It is usually cost effective to contact the third party at an early stage -by writing a warning letter or filing an opposition- before damages become important. The soonest, the best, for the new applicant to find an alternative solution. 

GEVERS uses the latest generation of watch software to offer an optimal watch for every similar trademark filed by another party, and this in all available countries of the world. The registers are automatically run through and a watch notice is sent depending on the search criteria. GEVERS elaborates the risks and informs you regarding the choice of strategy to adopt. 

This is how we empower you: 

  • Clear reports with risk levels 
  • Customized selection 

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