Brazil "Green Patent" Program now extended until 2016

The third phase of the “Green Patent” Pilot Program has been extended by the Brazilian PTO (INPI) for one year, until April 16, 2016.

The requirements for a patent application to be eligible for the program are the following:

  • The application (patent or utility model) must be related to alternative energy sources, transportation, energy conservation, waste management or agriculture. Click here to read the complete list of allowed technologies in INPI Resolution 131/2014, which are based on WIPO’s IPC Green Inventory.
  • It must be a Brazilian application, a PCT application in the Brazilian national phase (covered from the entry into force of Phase III) or a Brazilian application filed under the Paris Convention.
  • It can contain up to fifteen claims with a maximum (for patent applications) of 3 independent claims.
  • It must have been published in the Brazilian Industrial Property Gazette or a request for early publication must have been submitted.
  • The examination must already have been requested.

Phase III of the “Green Patent” Pilot Program, aimed at speeding up the examination of patent applications related to technologies for the preservation of the environment, will be limited to the first 500 patent applications received by INPI.