Meet Stefanie Schodrof

Head of Business Development US

+1 312 550 6716



Stefanie focuses on the US marketplace to increase the reach and penetration of the Gevers IP services. Working with both corporations and law firms, Stefanie provides support in all aspects of EU needs for IP protection from searches to filings to watches. The Gevers model is 360 degrees of IP support and protection and Stefanie’s assistance with US clients will help reduce the geographic boundaries between the 2 sides of the Atlantic Ocean. With over 7 years as Managing Director IPN – Intellectual Property Network Corp (trademark management software), Stefanie is well versed in all aspects of trademark protection and understands the importance of attention to detail in the lifecycle of an IP asset. Her strong marketing background and education coupled with her experience as an entrepreneur, opening and selling 4 US businesses and creating her own protected brand (LUXXE | HONOR), furthers her ability to provide an IP perspective especially helpful to SMEs.


  • MBA Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University 2000 (Chicago)
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Calgary 1990 (Canada)


  • US Business Development
  • TM Database Management
  • US EU Liaison

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