Innovation strategy

An intellectual right is a resource at the heart of a company’s business strategy and must be protected. The strategy should be analysed and identified at the start of the innovation process in order to provide more coherent, effective, and/or more profitable protection and defence capabilities. GEVERS, with the aid of a number of different tools, helps to analyse strategies and formulate defence policies.

Innovation strategy & definition

Well before drafting, filing, or registering an innovation, consideration must be given as to its actual worth. It must be established that there is not a better one available, and whether it is possible to find better opportunities with fewer risks, less expense and greater buoyancy by tapping the sometimes undervalued resources of an intellectual property. GEVERS’ experts will help examine all the alternatives

Brand creation & brand strategy

Brand strategy is a systematic plan defining the clear vision and articulation of how a brand will create attractiveness and demand on the market and commitment or influence among key stakeholder. There is no prescription or template for developing a brand strategy as it needs to be based on your company’s, industry’s and competitive specific variables in order to allow the brand to successfully represent the a strategic vision driving business performance, culture & attitude.

Prior right

Can a competitor obstruct technological developments and advances? It is important to identify those who hold patents for innovations with closely-allied characteristics to your own, making it possible, with GEVERS support, to define the limits of protection being sought.

Freedom to operate

This is the little known side of the 'Intellectual property' process. Without necessarily intending to register a trademark or file for a patent, it is essential to check whether the planned innovation can simply be used.


What advances are happening in your particular technological market? Who are your competitors, and what are they up to? It is vital for a company to draw a landscape of possible growth. GEVERS can be used as a "GPS" to select the right routes to success.

Use investigation

Is a brand that could obstruct your project in actual use? This is not insignificant – an unused brand is less solid and may be contested. GEVERS helps determine the level of risk and possible tactics to neutralise it.