Exploitation & defense

A right is worthless unless exercised and defended in every possible way. Continuous vigilance is absolutely necessary in order to fully reap the benefits of investment. GEVERS helps to choose and deploy resources according to all circumstances.


Intellectual property rights can be subject to contracts, including license, franchise, distribution and cession, which enable exploitation of a right to raise revenue from it. Constant attention to certain aspects of intellectual property are advisable. GEVERS will consult and draft all necessary documents.


Monitoring is one way to know if a right is being respected by third parties. This enables quick identification of new rights that could come into conflict, and quick reaction where required. GEVERS sorts through the dozens of detected potential threats and will make specific recommendations.


Opposition is one of the most radical ways to prevent from coming into being an intellectual property right that risks harming your own. Opposition is a fast and accessible administrative procedure. GEVERS acts on your behalf, quickly and effectively, to avoid irreparable damage from a too-near, too-similar right competing with yours.

Anti counterfeiting

An intellectual property right is not sufficient in itself, and needs not only to be used but also defended. Counterfeiting is not just confined to overseas rights pirates. Even if a counterfeiter is acting in ignorance or in good faith, the property right must be upheld and respected. If not, it will lose all real value. Several options are open, from mediation to judicial action. GEVERS recommends the most effective course of action and offers support in a pragmatic fashion during its implementation.

Brand capitalization

Brands are assets holding great potential for capitalization. As such they can be licensed out, serve as collateral for company financing, they can be put on the balance sheet in certain circumstances and they can be extended and moved into other categories.