Innovation strategy & definition

Well before drafting, filing, or registering an innovation, consideration must be given as to its actual worth. It must be established that there is not a better one available, and whether it is possible to find better opportunities with fewer risks, less expense and greater buoyancy by tapping the sometimes undervalued resources of an intellectual property. GEVERS’ experts will help examine all the alternatives

Brand creation & brand strategy

Brand strategy is a systematic plan defining the clear vision and articulation of how a brand will create attractiveness and demand on the market and commitment or influence among key stakeholder. There is no prescription or template for developing a brand strategy as it needs to be based on your company’s, industry’s and competitive specific variables in order to allow the brand to successfully represent the a strategic vision driving business performance, culture & attitude.

Brand management

Consumers experience the brand on a number of touch points which are – among others – the product itself, the advisor, the communication activities. A positive brand perception among all those touch points drives demand in the favor of the brand and allows higher sales volumes at better prices. Both are critical factors for generating additional economic value.

Prior right

Can a competitor obstruct technological developments and advances? It is important to identify those who hold patents for innovations with closely-allied characteristics to your own, making it possible, with GEVERS support, to define the limits of protection being sought.

Freedom to operate

This is the little known side of the 'Intellectual property' process. Without necessarily intending to register a trademark or file for a patent, it is essential to check whether the planned innovation can simply be used.


What advances are happening in your particular technological market? Who are your competitors, and what are they up to? It is vital for a company to draw a landscape of possible growth. GEVERS can be used as a "GPS" to select the right routes to success.

Use investigation

Is a brand that could obstruct your project in actual use? This is not insignificant – an unused brand is less solid and may be contested. GEVERS helps determine the level of risk and possible tactics to neutralise it.

Filings & proceedings

The best protection strategy and administrative steps required to file a right are critical. Any questions from the authorities need answering. Any mistake at this stage may upset the whole procedure. GEVERS takes care of this delicate and determinant phase, anywhere in the world.

Renewal & annual fees

An intellectual property right is not eternal. The annual renewal fees must be paid in all countries where the patent is effective. Miss these due dates, and the right disappears. Very often, this can be a disaster. This is also a good time to ask strategic questions: is the patent still necessary? Are there alternative protections worth considering? GEVERS’ experienced teams ask these questions and guarantee peace of mind. The falling due of taxes is also a good time to ask yourself more strategic questions: is the patent still necessary? Can alternative forms of protection be foreseen? Is the company ready to face the end of the innovation's protection? These are all questions that GEVERS asks you. Well in advance and in the fullest security, thanks to its experienced teams and tested IT systems.

Portfolio management & right transfer

Is an intellectual property right living? Yes, although change of address or proprietor name, or the cession or licence to a third party are some of the events that can affect the brand’s existence. The authorities must be notified of any changes in order for the right to be fully exercisable. GEVERS eliminates these often-annoying administrative steps.


Intellectual property rights can be subject to contracts, including license, franchise, distribution and cession, which enable exploitation of a right to raise revenue from it. Constant attention to certain aspects of intellectual property are advisable. GEVERS will consult and draft all necessary documents.


Monitoring is one way to know if a right is being respected by third parties. This enables quick identification of new rights that could come into conflict, and quick reaction where required. GEVERS sorts through the dozens of detected potential threats and will make specific recommendations.


Opposition is one of the most radical ways to prevent from coming into being an intellectual property right that risks harming your own. Opposition is a fast and accessible administrative procedure. GEVERS acts on your behalf, quickly and effectively, to avoid irreparable damage from a too-near, too-similar right competing with yours.

Anti counterfeiting

An intellectual property right is not sufficient in itself, and needs not only to be used but also defended. Counterfeiting is not just confined to overseas rights pirates. Even if a counterfeiter is acting in ignorance or in good faith, the property right must be upheld and respected. If not, it will lose all real value. Several options are open, from mediation to judicial action. GEVERS recommends the most effective course of action and offers support in a pragmatic fashion during its implementation.

Tax breaks

Is intellectual property neutral from a taxation point of view? No. There are precise provisions that affect the tax regime of investments and revenue linked to your intellectual assets. It is better to know and plan ahead. Along with its partners, GEVERS allows you to optimize your rights and get the most out of them.

Brand valuation

Brand Valuation is about identifying, quantifying and understanding the brands multidimensional way of value creation. The service puts not only a consolidated number behind all this, but it delivers in-depth insights in what drives value, what drives customer demand and what has to be done in terms of brand management to create customer demand and improving the overall brand position.

Portfolio administrative & strategic audit

Any set of brands and patents needs to be examined regularly from not only the administrative point of view, but above all, strategically: are brands and patents still adapted to the company’s legal structure and to its products and countries strategies? GEVERS has made itself a specialist in these strategic audits, which can be conducted either at the time of a particular operation (i.e., acquisition, investment) or on a regular basis.

Intellect Protect

A new insurance product for your intellectual property presented in cooperation with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. Thanks to our knowledge of intellectual property and the expertise of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits in the field of insurance, we can present an attractive insurance product “Intellect Protect”. “ Intellect Protect”, offers affordable enforcement of your intellectual property rights helping protect you better against high and unexpected costs which can occur when third parties attack your IP rights.

A new GEVERS trade secret protection and management offer

With a new trade secret protection and management offer, we complete our 360° IP offering by providing a comprehensive and legally compliant trade secret management and protection system, a must for the IP strategies of most of our clients.

Brand capitalization

Brands are assets holding great potential for capitalization. As such they can be licensed out, serve as collateral for company financing, they can be put on the balance sheet in certain circumstances and they can be extended and moved into other categories.