Monitoring is one way to know if a right is being respected by third parties. This enables quick identification of new rights that could come into conflict, and quick reaction where required. GEVERS sorts through the dozens of detected potential threats and will make specific recommendations.

Why should you employ a watch service?

It may be that third parties - whether consciously or unconsciously - are filing for a trademark similar to yours, for identical or similar products. If you react quickly, an administrative procedure enables you to oppose registration. Once the opposition period has expired, you will only be able to attack the third party in question via legal proceedings, a procedure that is much more costly than an administrative procedure. Moreover, if you fail to react within a certain period (5 years in the Benelux), no further action against the trademark is possible. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you are informed as quickly as possible of the existence of applications that could infringe your rights.

How does the watch take place?

GEVERS uses the latest generation watch software to offer an optimal watch in all the countries of the world. The registers are automatically run through with a fine-tooth comb and a report is sent to us depending on the search criteria that we have established together. GEVERS then sorts through these results, and informs you regarding the choice of strategy to adopt.