Prior right

Can a competitor obstruct technological developments and advances? It is important to identify those who hold patents for innovations with closely-allied characteristics to your own, making it possible, with GEVERS support, to define the limits of protection being sought.


It is important to identify similar or identical products and services which may get in the way of achieving business objectives.
Caution! Problems do not always come from predictable sources. With GEVERS, it’s possible to avoid nasty surprises.

Any sign intended to be filed as a trademark must be available. Before filing we strongly advise a search through the specialised databases to ascertain whether previous rights could block your plans. If such rights are identified, it is necessary to have them analysed by lawyers specialised in trademark law, enabling evaluation of any risks, which will depend: on the type of law (trademark, trade name, company name, etc.), on the legal regulations of the relevant country, on the degree of similarity with a conflicting sign, on the products and services concerned, and on the effective use of the proposed sign, etc.

Domain names

Is the desired domain name available? This would seem easy enough to ascertain. It is also necessary to fit the domain name into a global strategy, and in line with the brands intended to be filed. GEVERS incorporates this aspect into its assessment, providing a 360° view of relevant intellectual rights.