Opposition is one of the most radical ways to prevent from coming into being an intellectual property right that risks harming your own. Opposition is a fast and accessible administrative procedure. GEVERS acts on your behalf, quickly and effectively, to avoid irreparable damage from a too-near, too-similar right competing with yours.

It may be that third parties - whether consciously or unconsciously - are filing for a trademark similar to yours, for identical or similar products. If you fail to react, such an application may be transformed into a trademark and this will impinge upon your prior rights. In the majority of countries, a procedure known as 'opposition' allows you to react from the application stage. Such a procedure has the two-way advantage that it intervenes even before the trademark is registered, and is much less expensive than a procedure aimed at the cancellation of a trademark that has already been registered.

Thanks to its watch system, GEVERS informs you of the existence of applications that could infringe your rights, and assists you in defending your interests throughout the world. Our expertise and network allow us to assess your chances of success, and to defend your rights in the best way possible. At the same time, if you so wish, we lead negotiations with the applicant, e.g. with a view to persuading him to withdraw his application in whole or in part, and/or to concluding a coexistence agreement.