What advances are happening in your particular technological market? Who are your competitors, and what are they up to? It is vital for a company to draw a landscape of possible growth. GEVERS can be used as a "GPS" to select the right routes to success.

Observing, measuring and deciphering. It is all about mapping out exactly what the other companies in your sector are doing, even in your highly specific technological niche.. This is not simply a rudimentary statistic presenting with a pretty graph the number of patents filed by such and such a company. It is a thorough, accurate analysis of the patent applications filed in this niche. The objectives of this process are many:

  • Identifying the true scope of these applications.
  • Differentiating between serious applications and those that are nothing other than smokescreens. Deciphering the actual innovation strategies of your competitors.
  • Even better, discovering with you the ground that has as yet not been often trod, paths for innovation to be followed to truly differentiate yourself and take a step ahead.

To reach these fantastic objectives, you will need open patent advice, with a broad vision of the assignment, a great understanding of innovation strategies and an awareness of the economic factors. And first and foremost an immense mastery of patent techniques. Last but not least, there is also a need for a close collaboration between the client and the patent consultant, made up of in-depth exchanges, high levels of mutual trust and an investment on both sides.

This is a massive challenge for intellectual property professionals, but the results are often in keeping with the efforts made.