Brand valuation

Brand Valuation is about identifying, quantifying and understanding the brands multidimensional way of value creation. The service puts not only a consolidated number behind all this, but it delivers in-depth insights in what drives value, what drives customer demand and what has to be done in terms of brand management to create customer demand and improving the overall brand position.

IP VAL assists companies to valuate brands as business assets. Beyond our proven comprehensive and thorough method, IP VAL offers advice, tailored to client specific needs and assists firms on the following matters: Financial brand valuation and Brand due diligence.

Financial brand valuation

The knowledge of the monetary brand value is of use for different applications. On the one hand, it represents the consolidated measure of the overall competitive brand strength. On the other hand, the value itself is the basis for brand capitalization projects and putting the assets on the balance sheet. The IP VAL team has the relevant tools and experience from more than 500 brand valuations in a broad range of industries and regions.

Brand due diligence

Brands are not only a decisive factor for the owing companies, but also for financial or strategic investors. The IP VAL’s brand due diligence services support the investors in identifying the brand’s potential for future growth, shed light on potential brand risks, analyze and judge on the brand management processes and help defining the most promising brand strategies.