• Manipulate archived internet pages? Yes we can!

    Previous articles described how “The Wayback Machine” (TWM), ( may be used to establish a date of public availability for a particular internet page, which may be useful in legal proceedings. These articles also discussed a pitfall when dating information from a page which uses frames. This article…

  • Don’t get framed by Wayback frames!

    Earlier articles showed how The Wayback Machine ( may be used in establishing a date of public availability for a particular internet page, and which may be usable in legal proceedings. However, certain pitfalls exist and need to be avoided in order for the evidence to withstand the…

  • General Power of Attorney Belgium - Patents

    This Power of Attorney is downloadable here.

  • Belgian Power of Attorney - Patents

    This Power of Attorney is downloadable here.

  • How to use the Wayback Machine

    Showing what was available at a particular moment in the past on a particular Internet Web site may be critical in a variety of legal contexts.  As stated in the introductory article (May 2011), “The Wayback Machine” ( may be useful, which is a free online Internet Archiving…

  • Proposal on employee inventions

    In France, the legal framework for inventions made by salaried employees of a company is defined in article L. 611-7 of the French Intellectual Property Code.
    There actually exist three categories of inventions:

    • inventions made by a salaried person in the execution of a work contract comprising an…
  • French and Dutch apply ruling on keywords

    ECJ held that a trademark owner can prohibit an advertiser from using his trademark as keywords, without his consent, whenever the ad does not enable an average Internet user to ascertain whether the goods or services in the ad originate from the trademark owner or from a third party (ECJ…

  • The Internet archive Wayback Machine

    What answers it can and cannot provide in legal affairs?

    The use of internet publications in legal affairs is surrounded by serious concerns as to their reliability, in particular about their date of availability.  Even if an earlier date may be retrieved for a particular internet page, it remains uncertain…

  • International classification of goods and services

    This classification is downloadable here.