GEVERS in the Press: 5 Essential Tips to Align Your IP Portfolio with Your Corporate Strategy

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By Jean-Jacques Canonici on IPWatchdog

To fully exploit and maximize the value of one’s IP portfolio, make sure it is fully aligned with the company’s corporate strategy. That may seem logical but reality often paints a different picture. In a survey by IQPC (International Quality and Productivity Center) 52% of corporate respondents cited failure to align business strategy with IP coverage as one of the key risks to their company’s IP assets. It’s especially shocking when you know that the “top patents,” patents that are valuable because they have a commercial value (or will in the near future) are limited to 15% of a company’s patent portfolio.

Historically lots of companies have invested in a strategy more focused on quantity by filing as often as possible. With 274,000 different patent filings in 2014, the number of patents filed at the European Patent Office reached an all-time high. In just one year, filings grew by 3.1%, whereas the number of granted patents dropped by 3.1% clearly suggesting a decline in patent quality.

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