SME portfolio

Details with respect to the SME-portfolio subsidies

By relying on GEVERS for ADVICE concerning intellectual property, you are eligible for subsidies through the SME-portfolio. On April 1st 2016 new rules have been implemented improving the SME-portfolio subsidies.

Through GEVERS you can take full advantage of these new rules!

GEVERS is also a recognized service provider at SME-portfolio for the pillar TRAINING. As a result, also your IP trainings and workshops are now eligible for subsidies through the SME-portfolio. Ensure to benefit from it!

Amount of aid depending on company size

In the new SME-portfolio, there is a distinction depending on the size of the company. Small enterprises have a total annual support of maximum 10.000 euros, while the support rate is 40%. Medium-sized enterprises could get up to 15.000 euros annually through the SME-portfolio, with a support rate of 30%.

Small enterprises Support 40% - Maximum € 10.000
Medium sized enterprises Support 30% - Maximum € 15.000


Easy administrative procedure

Although the new SME-portfolio covers a wider range of services, is the establishment of an extended file not required. There is a new, intuitive website at which enterprises can apply for subsidies without an extended file. In contrast to the previous rules of “SME-portfolio for strategic advice”, the new system does not require subsequent administrative handling anymore. This results in higher subsidies without the threshold of an extended file in advance.


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