Patent drafting/filing and prosecution ('PATDE/PATEX/PATOP')

This financial support, managed by the “Service public de Wallonie - Direction générale opérationnelle de l'Economie, de l'Emploi & de la Recherche” (DGO6), provides SMEs with the opportunity to cover part of the costs related to the patent drafting, filing and prosecution up to the grant of the title. In particular, this subsidy is divided into three main components:

  • PATDE: Patent drafting and priority filing before a national (ex : Belgian) or international (ex : European) office.

  • PATEX: The extension of the priotity filing. This second component of the subsidy targets all the costs incurred after the first filing, including the analysis of the search report, and the procedures related (i) to the territorial extensions referring to the priority filing and (ii) to the grant in the designated countries. This component may be split in two different subsidies presenting their own admin specificities and which can be claimed in parallel:

    • PATEX1: non-piority international filings (PCT)
    • PATEX2: non-piority national(and regional, ex : EP) filings
    • PATEX3: national validations of European patents
  • PATOP: Opposition proceedings, by a third party and at the European level, on a patent having formerly been subject to a PATEX financing.


  • An SME can apply for such subsidy at any stage of the patent procedure of a specific patent application regardless of the fact that the company has received a preliminary similar financing (PATDE or PATEX) for this specific patent application;

  • For any first application for this subsidy related to a specific patent application, the SME must introduce a preliminary letter of intent.

The rates of financial intervention in these expenses will vary depending on the stage in the patent procedure and the rights of the company over the patent application:

For the PATDE component:

SME owner
SME Assignee or exclusive licensee (all fields)
40% 25%

These rates may be increased by 10% if a pior art search and patentability analysis has been formerly performed and that it answers to the questions of the application form.

For the PATEX and PATOP components:

SME owner
SME Assignee or exclusive licensee (all fields) SME Assignee or exclusive licensee (specific field)
40% 35% 15%

In order to be eligible to these subsidies, the SME must (i) not be in financial difficulties and (ii) have at least one place of business in the Walloon Region.

For more information about this financing : clickhere.

Gevers contact person : 
Samuel Denis
European Patent Attorney
T. +32 (0)4 340 50 36 
Walloon Region contact person:
Nathalie Leboeuf
Spécialiste en recherche et innovation
Service Public de Wallonie – DGO6
T. +32 (0)81 33 44 85