IP-Dedicated Subsidies for SMEs and individual entrepreneurs in the Walloon Region

Driven by the constant will to foster economic regional development, the Walloon Region created different financial grants for Small and Medium Enterprises. Among these SME financing programs, some may be leveraged by Walloon SMEs to get specific advises related to their activity. As the IP strategies and all related questions play a substantive role in the strategic development of an SME, some of these subsidies may cover, under certain conditions, specific services related to Intellectual Property:

Patent drafting/filing and prosecution ('PATDE/PATEX/PATOP')

This financial support, managed by the “Service public de Wallonie - Direction générale opérationnelle de l'Economie, de l'Emploi & de la Recherche” (DGO6), provides SMEs with the opportunity to cover part of the costs related to the patent drafting, filing and prosecution up to the grant of the title. In particular, this subsidy is divided into three main components:

  • PATDE: Patent drafting and priority filing before a national (ex : Belgian) or international (ex : European) office.

  • PATEX: The extension of the priotity filing. This second component of the subsidy targets all the costs incurred after the first filing, including the analysis of the search report, and the procedures related (i) to the territorial extensions referring to the priority filing and (ii) to the grant in the designated countries. This component may be split in two different subsidies presenting their own admin specificities and which can be claimed in parallel:

    • PATEX1: non-piority international filings (PCT)
    • PATEX2: non-piority national(and regional, ex : EP) filings
    • PATEX3: national validations of European patents
  • PATOP: Opposition proceedings, by a third party and at the European level, on a patent having formerly been subject to a PATEX financing.


  • An SME can apply for such subsidy at any stage of the patent procedure of a specific patent application regardless of the fact that the company has received a preliminary similar financing (PATDE or PATEX) for this specific patent application;

  • For any first application for this subsidy related to a specific patent application, the SME must introduce a preliminary letter of intent.

The rates of financial intervention in these expenses will vary depending on the stage in the patent procedure and the rights of the company over the patent application:

For the PATDE component:

SME owner
SME Assignee or exclusive licensee (all fields)
40% 25%

These rates may be increased by 10% if a pior art search and patentability analysis has been formerly performed and that it answers to the questions of the application form.

For the PATEX and PATOP components:

SME owner
SME Assignee or exclusive licensee (all fields) SME Assignee or exclusive licensee (specific field)
40% 35% 15%

In order to be eligible to these subsidies, the SME must (i) not be in financial difficulties and (ii) have at least one place of business in the Walloon Region.

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Walloon Region contact person:
Nathalie Leboeuf
Spécialiste en recherche et innovation
Service Public de Wallonie – DGO6
T. +32 (0)81 33 44 85


IP Strategic services ('Chèques Propriété Intellectuelle')

Aware of the strategic importance of Intellectual Property for SMEs, the Walloon Region has launched a financing support dedicated to strategic services related to Intellectual Property.

These subsidies, resulting from a co-financing of the Walloon Region and the European Regional Development Fund, provides an intervention of 75% in the expenses incurred by SMEs in relation with 6 different types of IP strategic services :

  • Patentability analysis (searches realized before a patent priority filing)
  • Freedom-to-operate analyses (check whether a products or a process is free to be exploited on the market)
  • Searches for opposition (specific searches aiming at enforcing the prior art against third party granted patents)
  • Prior art analysis (searches within patent and IP literature documents)
  • Patent landscaping (in-depth analysis of patent and non-patent references in order to support strategic decisions)
  • Technological surveillance implementation (patent watches in line with the company activities)

Each SME may be granted up to 40 IP cheques (facial value of 500€) per period of 12 months, providing a potential max financing of 15.000€ per year.

These subsidies must be requested by an accredited service provides (Gevers), on behalf of the SME, through a dedicated web platform. The grant decision related to any subsidy request is communicated within max 3 days to the SME.

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Walloon Region contact person:
Alain Krafft
Agence pour l'Entreprise & l'Innovation
T. +32 (0)4 220 607


New technologies acquisition ('Advise in view of a Technology Transfer')

This financing aid proposed by the Walloon Region relates to licensing-in or acquisition processes of technologies developed outside the SME. It enables the SME to get external advises in view of preparing a transfer of such third party technology. The eligible expenses relate to:

  • Technology assessment and valuation (including the freedom-to-operate analysis);
  • Market positioning (benchmarking);
  • Estimation of the valorization potential for the company;
  • Definition of strategic issues ;
  • Identification of training needs;
  • Legal assistance for the contract drafting.

This subsidy covers 75% of the service costs of the external provider (at fair market conditions).

For more information about this program: click here.

Walloon Region contact person:
Najat ABAU – Gestionnaire technique
Service Public de Wallonie – DGO6
T. +32 (0)81 33 44 89


One-off strategic advises related to Intellectual Property ('Strategic Marketing Advises')

This financial support, managed by the “Service public de Wallonie - Direction générale opérationnelle de l'Economie, de l'Emploi & de la Recherche” (DGO6), provides SMEs with the opportunity to cover 75% of their external one-off consultancy services delivered in order to reinforce the marketing strategy of the company:

  • Analysis of the market potential of a innovative product or process.
  • Check of the interest raised by an innovation, evaluate the potential demand, position the product in comparison with the competition, pricing strategy, regulatory compliance in targeted countries, analysis of the possibilities to protect the innovation, launch of a commercial strategy,…

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Walloon Region contact person:
Najat ABAU – Gestionnaire technique
Service Public de Wallonie – DGO6
T. +32 (0)81 33 44 89